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Advertising, children, and Adolescents

As we all know and probably get tired of hearing is how TV, especially advertisements, are making American children obese.   Well, that’s not the only mark that television is leaving on our youth.   Apparently a large amount of exposure is … Continue reading

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Ivy Lee

Natalie Fisher Mass Media in a Free Society 22 July 2011 The Dawn of Public Relations Public Relations, what exactly is public relations? You hear so many people use that phrase or sometimes they shorten it up to just PR. … Continue reading

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Ted Turner

Ted Turner (1938 -) Ted Turner is a broadcasting entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sports enthusiast that created and developed some of the most profitable broadcasting and television networks in media history – TBS (Turner Broadcasting System), CNN (Cable News Network), and … Continue reading

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D.W Griffith

When people refer to the field of film, they will remember some famous actors, actress and other film directors. In the world of film, no one can deny the fact that D.W Griffith plays a vital role in the career … Continue reading

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Why Should We Understand Mass Media?

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